Best 5 Android Smartphones under Rs 20000

The demand of smartphones in the market is growing day by day in India and if we talk about Android mobile phones, it is in the high boom. At present, we have lots of option if we want to buy an Android mobile phone of our choice. So, if your budget is under Rs.20,000 you can see many good options with some good configuration for your new Android Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S

Features & Specifications – Android v2.1 (Eclair), upgradable to v2.3, v4.0″ SUPER AMOLED display, Wireless Tethering, 5.0 Megapixel AF camera HD Recording,  1GHz CPU Speed, 16GB/8GB+ MicroSD(Up to 32GB), Multi-touch zoom and Light Sensor.

Motorola Defy Plus

Features & Specifications – Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.7 inches display, 5MP Camera with LED flash, 512MB internal RAM, 1GB available internal ROM, 1GHz Processor with 1700 mAh Battery.

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V 

Features & Specifications – Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) platform, 3.7″ display, 1 GB internal memory, 5MP Camera with LED flash, HD video recording, 512MB RAM

LG Optimus 2X 

Features & Specifications – Android v2.2 (Froyo) upgradable to v2.3, 1 GHz Dual Core Tegra 2 Processor, 4.0” IPS Screen, Full HD 1080p, HDMI connectivity, 8GB internal memory, 8MP Camera with LED Flash and 1.3 MP Secondary Camera too!
LG Optimus Black '

Features & Specifications – Android 2.2 Froyo with Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade capability, 4 inches display screen, 5 MP rear camera & 2MP front camera, 512MB ROM/512MB RAM, 1 GHz processor, 9.2mm thickness, Slim and Light Body with 1500mAh battery.

COOL SCRIPTS: 10 Hot Websites To Download Cool Scripts

The IT industry is full of tough challenges for developers who are one step away from creating new forms of interaction. The trend of web scripting is growing rapidly and developers are striving to develop web pages which automate more tasks on a website. The benefit of client-side scripts is that HTML supports it regardless of the language that is used for scripting. By using these scripts, developers are able to introduce plenty of highly active ways to enhance HTML documents.
Scripting provides a better way to make websites interactive. It is very useful in the creation of dynamic HTML pages. The main advantage of client-side scripting is that the code at the client-side of the machine is executed on the user’s device when the page is loaded and server-side coding is executed by the server, whereas all the browsers use their own resources for loading a page on the world wide web which make client-side scripting more usable. If someone wants to make his webpage playful and interactive, then he can add variety of inventive and clever scripts. Here is a list of sites that have some great code to enhance your site or next project.

The Script Library

This site provides scripts in many languages. This webpage is good for those who want scripts in different languages and are short of time and don’t want to search everywhere. This site has close to 10,000 scripts in their database.


PHP junkyard is very famous amongst PHP developers. This site offers original PHP scripts for free. Along with PHP scripts, you can also find third party solutions, other PHP resources and tutorials. You can call it a complete package for PHP users. The good thing about the site is that all the scripts are original and this is what made this site famous amongst PHP developers.


HotScripts is another popular script site. The library of this site is full of scripts in more than one 1,000 categories.  I must admit that it is a perfect destination for those that need scripts for interactivity. Developers who work in any language will surely find something valuable on the Hotscripts site.

Script Dungeon

The library of this site has free scripts in languages like ASP, PHP and java. Network administrators may find some of the scripts incredibly useful. This collection has been taken from all over the internet and collected on one site.


This site has many types of PHP scripts. According to the admin of this site, they have open source scripts like PHP forums, CMS, E-commerce solutions in PHP and more. The thing which I like most about the site is that they give you a preview before downloading which will prevent you from installing the wrong script.


This site was developed in 1998 and claims to provide the best services.  The site is full of PHP and CGI scripts.  They provide free demos before downloading. They also supply perl snippets, web designs, tutorials and etc. If you are searching for CGI or PHP scripts then find it here on Cgiscripts and automate your web page by using them.


Script copy has a variety of PHP scripts in their directory.  Their database is full of many interesting and fresh scripts. This website will help you to integrate a modern style of automation in your website.  They also give you their recommended scripts for your website which are popular amongst their visitors.

Smart Code

Smart code offers mobile dating script to their users. These scripts are helpful for the developers of mobile applications. These scripts don’t cost very much.

Scripts download

This is another site that offers scripts in variety of categories including PHP, ASP, and java. You will find more than 4,000 resources here.


The is the site where you can find more than 15,000 scripts in one place. If you are searching for PHP, ASP,, java and perl then this site will be a perfect choice.  This site offers the largest collection of script database so far

The Most Popular 10 Searches on Google India in 2011

Google has published the most popular searches on Google India for this year. The list including the fastest rising searches, fastest rising people, top searches, people, news and movies.

In fastest rising searches, Facebook comes No.1  and Google+ is on number 3. In popular searches for fastest rising people on Google India, the revolutionary man Anna Hazare ranks No.1 with the sexy model Poonam Pandey on 2nd (yes! just after Anna Hazare) and Steve Jobs on 3rd position but if we see the top popular searches in People category; Katrina is people’s favorite search on Google India and Anna Hazare is on 2nd position.
In popular movie searches, Bodyguard got No.1 rank and the popular Ra.One is on 2nd position. Whereas, in popular news; Ipl has got the first position with World Cup 2011 and CBSE Result 2011 on 2nd and 3rd position.

Here is the full chart including all top 10 searches for 2011 in India

Fastest Rising
Fastest Rising
Top searches
Anna Hazare
Katrina Kaif
Poonam Pandey
Anna Hazare
Steve Jobs
Salman Khan
Harry Potter
Cbse Result
World cup
Anushka Sharma
Delhi Belly
Salman Khan
Justin Bieber
Lokpal Bill

Justin Bieber
Aishwarya Rai
Japan Earthquake
Anna Hazare
Kajal Agarwal
Sachin Tendulkar
Aadhar Card
Ipl 2011
Katrina kaif
Osama Bin
Poonam Pandey
Vijay Mallya
Indian Railways
Steve Jobs
Aishwarya Rai
Zindagi Na
Milegi Dobara


GOOGLE LIKES TO spring seasonal tricks on its users, and its latest tweak is no exception.
Users who type ‘Let It Snow’ into the search bar are rewarded with flakes falling from the top of their screens – until the entire window is fogged with snow.
They can then use the mouse cursor to clean their window (or simply hit the ‘Defrost’ button).
The trick, known as an ‘Easter egg’, is the latest in a line of hidden extras dreamed up by Google programmers. Earlier this year they introduced another where users who typed the phrase “do a barrel roll” sent their screens into a flip.

7 reasons to pick Aakash 2 [Aakash Vs Aakash -2]

India recently showcased the world’s cheapest tablet computer aakash . The cheapest price is the killer feature of aakash tab , but critics are not happy with its hardware specifications and performance and they even questioned the usability of aakash .Now government of India has decided to launch the upgraded version of aakash , the Aakash 2 also called as Ubislate 7 which will have better specifications than current aakash . 
We compared the specifications of Aakash and upcoming UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2) on key parameters and found UbiSlate 7 quite better than Aakash .
1. Processor 
Aakash runs on 366 Mhz which is very  poor processor speed in today’s world . UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2) on the other hand runs on 700Mhz processor . So with UbiSlate 7 you will have a double power processor .
2. RAM
Aakash has just 256 Mb of memory while Aakash 2 has four times more , that is 1 Gb of memory . This 1 Gb of RAM is comparable with even iPad and Galaxy tab . So why buy aakash when you can get aakash 2 with four times more RAM .
3.  Operating System 
Aakash runs on andoird 2.2 while UbiSlate runs on android 2.3 . With UbiSlate you will have the upgraded android OS
4. Battery
Aakash is powered by 2100 mAh battery while UbiSlate is powered by 3200 mAh , which mean you will have more battery backup with UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2 )
5.  Network 
Aakash offers WiFi while Aakash 2 (UbiSlate 7) offers WiFi , GPRS with SIM and phone functionality . That means you can use UbiSlate 7 as phone also .
6. Camera 
Aakash 2 has both back and front facing camera , while aakash doesn’t offers this .
7. Price
aakash tablet is available at the price of Rs 2500 while aakash 2 will be available at the price of Rs 2999 , which is quite justified on the basis of newly added features .
Aakash 2 will be available by  February 2012 . Aakash is already on sale you can order it for Rs 2500 . Seeing the upgraded features I would suggest you to wait for a month for aakash 2 . I think buying aakash 2 will be a good choice than buying aakash , though you have to pay extra 500 Rs , but you will get lots of better features
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