7 reasons to pick Aakash 2 [Aakash Vs Aakash -2]

India recently showcased the world’s cheapest tablet computer aakash . The cheapest price is the killer feature of aakash tab , but critics are not happy with its hardware specifications and performance and they even questioned the usability of aakash .Now government of India has decided to launch the upgraded version of aakash , the Aakash 2 also called as Ubislate 7 which will have better specifications than current aakash . 
We compared the specifications of Aakash and upcoming UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2) on key parameters and found UbiSlate 7 quite better than Aakash .
1. Processor 
Aakash runs on 366 Mhz which is very  poor processor speed in today’s world . UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2) on the other hand runs on 700Mhz processor . So with UbiSlate 7 you will have a double power processor .
2. RAM
Aakash has just 256 Mb of memory while Aakash 2 has four times more , that is 1 Gb of memory . This 1 Gb of RAM is comparable with even iPad and Galaxy tab . So why buy aakash when you can get aakash 2 with four times more RAM .
3.  Operating System 
Aakash runs on andoird 2.2 while UbiSlate runs on android 2.3 . With UbiSlate you will have the upgraded android OS
4. Battery
Aakash is powered by 2100 mAh battery while UbiSlate is powered by 3200 mAh , which mean you will have more battery backup with UbiSlate 7 (aakash 2 )
5.  Network 
Aakash offers WiFi while Aakash 2 (UbiSlate 7) offers WiFi , GPRS with SIM and phone functionality . That means you can use UbiSlate 7 as phone also .
6. Camera 
Aakash 2 has both back and front facing camera , while aakash doesn’t offers this .
7. Price
aakash tablet is available at the price of Rs 2500 while aakash 2 will be available at the price of Rs 2999 , which is quite justified on the basis of newly added features .
Aakash 2 will be available by  February 2012 . Aakash is already on sale you can order it for Rs 2500 . Seeing the upgraded features I would suggest you to wait for a month for aakash 2 . I think buying aakash 2 will be a good choice than buying aakash , though you have to pay extra 500 Rs , but you will get lots of better features


  1. Anonymous said...:

    is it free fro students?

  1. Pujan said...:

    Such a awesome Tab....Thanks for the information.....

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