Who will win the titanic Galaxy battle? Samsung Tab 10.1 could be on sale by tomorrow if a three-judge panel finds in its favour. “Judgement in this matter will be delivered in the Federal Court in Sydney tomorrow by Justice Lindsay Foster on behalf of the full bench at 12.30pm,” the Federal Court said .

However, the 10.1 inch Android Honeycomb tab could still be on the run from Aussie consumers if Apple has its way.

There is no indication of which way the appeal case will go although one of the Judges involved, Justice Lindsay Foster, questioned the fairness of the battle in relation to Samsung at last week's hearing, where the Galaxy creator is looking to overturn the temporary ban on the sale of Tab 10.1 it was slapped with last month.

"The result looks terribly fair to Apple and not terribly fair to Samsung," declared Justice Foster.

Apple are claiming Samsung's Android Tab 10.1 infringes on its intellectual patents including swipe and touchscreen innovations, used on iPad 2.

The Patent Wars continue unabated :-Apple Loses One vs Samsung Down Under

The Patent Wars continue unabated. This round is an uneven legal result for Apple; it just won a patent infringement case against handset maker HTC but may lose an appeal by Samsung in Australia.

In the former case, the U.S. International Trade Commission found that Apple did not violate S3 Graphics’ (a subsidiary of HTC) image compression technology. In that special poetry only found in legal notices, the ITC delivered its verdict with the document title, “Notice of final commission determination of no violation and termination of the investigation.”

However, things aren’t going as smoothly for Apple down under. Although the company successfully convinced an Australian court to ban sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month until the patent mess between Apple and Samsung was settled, an appeals court isn’t satisfied with the first judge’s ruling.

According to a Bloomberg report, Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster believes that the original judge in the case (Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett) was a little too fair toward Apple and not fair enough toward Samsung. The logic put forth here is that Apple has a weak patent case and therefore not an especially strong chance of winning its suit against Samsung, which Bennett was supposed to take into consideration when imposing an injunction and, in Foster’s estimation, failed to do properly.

The court is expected to make a decision this coming week about lifting the ban or not.

Apple vs. Samsung: The Patent Wars, Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

The intellectual property battle rages on between Apple and Samsung. In April 2011, Apple filed for patent infringement, claiming that Samsung copied its iPhone and iPad designs. Courts all over the world have taken on this battle. Europe and Australia, for instance, have ordered preliminary injunctions barring Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from shelves — just in time for the holiday season.
Take a look through the infographic below to study the roots and progression of the Apple/Samsung lawsuit. Do you think the mobile designs are too similar?

Apple is well ahead of rivals in building brand loyalty among its users in a mobile market

Apple is well ahead of rivals in building brand loyalty among its users in a mobile market where the key brands are rushing to build as large a foothold as possible, a study by research firm GfK showed.

Some 84 percent of iPhone users said they would pick iPhone also when they replace their cellphone, while 60 percent of consumers who use smartphones running Google's Android said they would stick with phones using the same software.
Only 48 percent of people using Research In Motion's cellphones said they would stay loyal to their Blackberrys, the study showed.
Smartphone sales have been surging since Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2007 and even though the growth has slowed the sales still rose 49 percent last quarter from a year ago, according to research firm IDC.
Ryan Garner, analyst at GfK, said the ongoing rush to build market position was crucial for the future success of the brands as on average 63 percent of consumers are sticking to the type of phone they have -- lowering the chance for fast changes in the market place.
Garner said fast growth of Android and launch of new Microsoft Windows, which will be similar for PCs, tablets and smartphones, mean there are still opportunities for others.
"Apple is clearly ahead of the game, but developments next year will challenge that," Garner said.
More than 70 percent of consumers said they would stick with their phones due to their seamless integration of features and access to content.
"The scope for brands to lure customers from rivals has diminished and the richest rewards will go to those providers that can create the most harmonious user experience and develop this brand loyalty," GfK said.
The research firm interviewed around 4,500 people in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, the United States and Japan.

The 5 Most Hot And Popular Topics To Blog About

The blogosphere contains every topic imaginable. As a blogger, you can choose a well talked about subject and write about it from a unique perspective. You could also find a niche that is not so well known or widely written about. However, if you want to make money off your blog or gain wide exposure in a short period of time, you could consider writing in a niche that is popular amongst readers.
Here is a list of the five most popular topics.
  1. Technology
  2. Let’s face it, technology is taking over our lives and it is constantly evolving. Every year, it seems that we hear about the latest and greatest version of the iPhone or iPad. These devices can hold literally thousands of apps. Some of these apps are used for business, others for entertainment. As the demand for electronic devices increases, so will the demand for experts in the field of computer and software programming. Hundreds, if not thousands of experts have created blogs dedicated to the field of computer technology. Consumers are always on the lookout for information on computer technology, so if you’re an expert in this field, now is the time to put your writing skills to use.
  3. Making Money Online
  4. In an economy where jobs are scarce, people are constantly seeking innovative ways to make money. The idea of making money on line has become widely popular over the past three years. People who have been successful in this department are willingly providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to build a profitable virtual business. If this is an area where you have experienced financial success, you can share your experience with the world.
  5. Blogging
  6. Blogging has become a trend, one that is here to stay. It is so popular because it provides everyone–business owners, entrepreneurs and artists–with the chance to build their platform on the net for free. Established bloggers are opening their doors to fresh ideas from new literary talent. You have the chance to make money off your own blog, or you can make money blogging for other companies. This is the thing that all blogging experts are talking about and people aspiring to create a blog of their own are constantly seeking information on the ins and outs of blogging.
  7. Internet Marketing
  8. Today, independent businesses are cropping up everywhere as more and more people follow their entrepreneurial desires. With the internet, people can spread the word about their businesses and/or products much quicker than they could possibly do offline. However, the internet has just as many loopholes as the brick and mortar world. As a result, this has led to a demand in information on effective internet marketing.
  9. Social Media
  10. Alongside email and phone, people use Social Media to connect with family members, friends and employers. Many professionals are even using these social networking sites to reach out to existing customers and to build their customer base. Social media has evolved to become one form of internet marketing. Marketing a product or a service on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can be tricky. It is very easy to become over promotional. Because of this, experts have created blogs and websites that provide information to fledgling business owners, entrepreneurs and artists on how they can effectively promote their brand via social media and gain good results.
All of these topics are extremely popular because they provide valuable information to millions of people who are in need of it. You don’t have to be successful in most of these areas to write about them. All you need is knowledge, a little experience and good writing skills.


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SAMSUNG IS GOING TO HIT APPLE HARD:- Samsung Galaxy S III may run on Quad-Core

Samsung is going to release some devices early next year that will blow people minds off and will be big step past the Galaxy Nexus class, in every way.
It would be a relatively significant upgrade from the Galaxy S II that uses dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos 4210 processor, and would rather use 30% less power then its predecessor.
The current Samsung processor used inside most versions of the Galaxy S II is the dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos 4210. Samsung recently announced the newer dual-core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212, but we don’t know if that will offer enough of a boost to be considered for the Galaxy S III. The Exynos 4212 is basically a more efficient 32nm version of the 4210, with 30 percent lower power-level and 50 percent higher 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation from Samsung.
Samsung is going to hit Apple hard in the battle of the Smartphone market crown. Apple has made all of its sale on the iPhone 4S because of the Virtual Assistant Siri, but Quad-Core will certainly beat Apple’s A5 chips in any way.
The alarming exchange of mainly patent-based lawsuits between the two has seen previous business ties completely strained as both try to work independently of each other. It will certainly be a battle worth watching.
According to Redmond Pie,
According to a very reliable and trusted source, prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S III do NOT feature quad-core processors. Our source has inspected the current prototypes, thus we can only presume that the final product – which will probably release early 2012 – will too be bereft of a quad-core processor.
So Let’s see what Surprise Samsung has for us in future.
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