5 Best Linux Security Distributions at Present

At present we say that Linux is the most secure operating system in the world. But since most of the hackers are using Linux at present there is a wide need to know the most secure as well as stable Linux Distribution. With security constantly in the news lately, you can’t help but feel ill at ease and vulnerable — vulnerable to teams of hackers whose only motivations are to expose and attack their victims. Perhaps you think you’ve done due diligence by keeping your patches updated, installing security fixes, and maintaining a corporate firewall. Those methods are effective about 50 percent of the time. For the other 50 percent, you need to do more. You need penetration testing, security audits, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection, and you need to plug security holes that only hackers know about by using the tools they use to compromise your systems.
I have made a list for all those who want the most secure environment.
1. BACKTRACK LINUX:- The BackTrack distribution originated from the merger of two formerly competing distributions which focused on penetration testing:
WHAX: a Slax based Linux distribution developed by Mati Aharoni, a Moroccan security consultant. Earlier versions of WHAX were called Whoppix and were based on Knoppix.
Auditor Security Collection: a Live CD based on Knoppix developed by Max Moser which included over 300 tools organized in a user-friendly hierarchy.
The overlap with Auditor and WHAX in purpose and tools collection partly led to the merger. Currently at version 5.0 BackTrack Linux is the highest rated and most acclaimed Linux security distribution. BackTrack is not a business desktop or server system but is a security-oriented system built solely for the purpose of network and computer penetration testing. BackTrack can be run from a bootable DVD, a thumbdrive or a hard disk. BackTrack Linux is a specialized distribution created to assist security professionals in performing security audits on target networks. But, with BackTrack Linux, you don’t have to be a seasoned security professional to use it — even security newcomers will find BackTrack easy to setup, use, and update. You can download BackTrack as an ISO image or as a VMware virtual machine.

2. Astaro Security Linux:- Now a days it is known as Astaro Security Appliance but the name doesn’t stop it from getting the features that it has been famous for in the fraternity. It comeS in three flavors: Hardware, software and virtual. In the virtual appliance category, Astaro offers appliances built specifically for network security, mail security, Web security and Web application security. Its virtual appliances hold the VMware Ready certification. The network security virtual appliance, for example, includes a configurable firewall, intrusion protection, DOS attack protection, NAT tools, VPN, IPSec Remote Access, LDAP authentication integration, and bandwidth control.
3. ENGARDE SECURITY LINUX:- EnGarde Linux is a Linux server distribution that is secure and perfect for use as an Internet server. It features intrusion detection, simple administration, secure network services, built-in alerts, Web services, DNS services, firewall, mail services and access to the Guardian Digital Support Network (GDSN). The GDSN provides free access to all system and security updates. EnGarde Regularly scheduled updates the first Tuesday of every month. Try before you buy with a downloadable live CD version of EnGarde.
4. OWL:- Openwall GNU/Linux (OWL) is a small, security-enhanced distribution suitable for virtual appliances, hardware appliances, and physical servers. OWL is binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. OWL is also a distribution used by many security professionals for security penetration testing and password cracking. Try JOHN THE RIPPER password cracking utility also.
5. LIVE HACKING CD:- This is a good distribution and by good I mean two things. First, it easily runs on older hardware and has minimum requirements of 512 MB RAM and a lowly PENTIUM-3 processor. Second, and more important is the reason for it s development. According to its term of use you can only download it if you abide by the prospect that you will only use it for ethical hacking. It comes in two versions. First is the LiveDVD version which comes with a GNOME interface and has all the hacking tools you would need. The Live Hacking DVD is based on open source technology and uses the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution as its base. But the CD version is not much at loss because most of the hacking software used today is command line.
If you get really inspired by this distribution then please try some other Linux Distributions also like LPS and SMOOTH WALL EXPRESS.
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