What Are Goals, Anyway?

Goals. Goal setting. It doesn't sound very glamorous, does it? In fact it sounds more like work. What many people don't realize, is that goals are like your To-Do list for your life. We all know about to-do lists, and probably can find half a dozen partially completed ones if pressed to look. Just something we do sometimes, but don't always take seriously.
When you ponder it, to-do lists help get all the stuff you know needs to be done out of your head and down on paper. Then you have a better chance to remember them, which certainly increases the odds of completing them. Doesn't it make sense that if you want to get the important stuff done about your life - your dream job, vacations, hobbies, you name it - putting them down in black and white increases your chances of success? Of course it does.
To look at it another way, goals are like road maps for your future, pointing the way to your exciting life destination, whatever that may be. Think about it; would you set off on a cross-country drive without printing out some turn-by-turn directions? Or leave without programming your cars' GPS? Or at least take the appropriate atlas with you? Not if you wanted to get there in any timely manner.
But let's say for a moment that you just got in the car in New York, heading west to Austin, without any clue about how to get there. It might turn out something like this. You turn on the GPS system and wait for instructions. The friendly voice of the navigation system comes on and says, "destination - anywhere; turn right, left or go straight at the next intersection." Might as well just turn it off and take your best guess. Getting to your hotel in Austin may never happen.
The same principle applies to your life goals. These are all the things you dream about and wish for in your life. We may think about them from time to time in nebulous, someday wish terms such as, "One day I want to have my own business." Well, without a plan, the steps to meet this life goal, your dream will most likely stay just that, a someday wish. Making your life goal to-do list sounds a bit more important now, doesn't it? There is nothing wrong with dreaming, it is how all great things start out, just an idea someone has. But to make the great idea come to life requires doing something. And not just doing anything, but following the steps to get you from New York to Austin, so to speak.
It is said that a dream is a wish. But Napoleon Hill said, "A GOAL is a dream with a deadline."
Get outside your box and expand your life to fit your dreams!


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