14 Smart Beginner Steps for seo using twitter!!

Twitter can be a powerful tool for spreading the word about your business and boosting your SEO by encouraging mentions and attracting Re Tweets (RT). And perhaps more importantly by extending your reach to those who can link to you through their own website.
When someone new follows you on Twitter, they become another potential reader of your blog. Many companies use Twitter simply to make company announcements, posting countless company updates or links to company news pages – but to really maximise the potential of Twitter you need to build connections, and to enter into Twitter ‘conversations’ with others. If you add genuine value through your Twitter feed, it has the potential to be spotted by influential bloggers and journalists – and if they like what you’re saying, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. And perhaps some juicy links too.
Certain types of Tweets create far more interest than others, and are more likely to be Re Tweeted by leaders in your field – or provoke replies from fellow Tweeters.
If you want to get the most out of Twitter and get your tweets noticed:
  1. Commit to your Twitter page by filling in your biography properly. People search on Twitter using keywords they are interested in, and if your profile contains those words you will appear in their search results. If you want to build relationships with other people in your location, include this in your bio.
  2. Replace the default Twitter image, preferably with your own photo or company logo to personalise your page.
  3. Find your industry’s key movers and shakers. Identify influential bloggers or ‘thought leaders’ and follow them. Do the same with top journalists covering news in your sector. You’ll get a feel for what they are interested in, what types of content they Re Tweet, and what triggers a reply from them. And they might just follow you back automatically.
  4. Build up a relationship with these key bloggers and journalists on Twitter. Offer intelligent replies to questions they ask on their twitter feed; Re Tweet relevant posts to show your interest in what they have to say; and make sure your own Tweets are of value and provide them with the kind of material they are looking for.
  5. Think before you Tweet. Make sure you Tweet regularly, but don’t bombard your Followers with meaningless, banal Tweets. Remember, you cannot delete tweets!
  6. Make your Tweets engaging, fun and where possible interactive. Look out for patterns in what kind of Tweets get Re Tweeted or prompt a reply.
  7. Do not only Tweet links. Encourage discussion by asking questions, and therefore inviting replies. Twitter is not just a marketing channel where you can shout about what you are doing. Strike a balance between Tweeting links to your own blog posts; Tweeting about articles written by other people; or Re Tweeting information from other relevant sources.
  8. Check your Twitter feed regularly and join in conversations started by others that you are following.
  9. Pen some attention-seeking Twitter Headlines to make your Tweet stand out from the competition.
  10. Promote leaders in your business sector, and they may promote you back. Thank people for mentioning or Re Tweeting you; Re Tweet their best posts; and build up stronger connections.
  11. Take part in Tweet chats. These take place all the time, covering just about every topic you can imagine, and are labelled with a hashtag — such as #blogchat. The moderator poses a question, and others tweet their response. You can join in by answering questions and adding the hashtag to the end of your tweet. At the start of the chat you get to share your blog’s web address, and participants usually follow fellow participants, and potentially visit their blog.
  12. Use Direct Messaging (DM) very sparingly to ask influential people to review and consider mentioning your posts. Only do this occasionally for your very best blog posts, otherwise you risk getting Unfollowed by the very people you want to build relationships with.
  13. When you are mentioned by a fellow Tweeter, follow the person mentioning you and make sure you answer any questions they have. DM them your thanks if they Re Tweet you.
  14. When you get a interesting Follower, write them a personal welcome that includes a link to your latest blog post or company ‘About’ page. If you find you’re getting too many followers to keep up with the personal replies, you’ll know your mission has been a success.
Twitter is an important social signal that is used in Google’s algorithm. It also provides an excellent way to connect to influential bloggers and journalists and this may indirectly build your SEO through gaining extra links. But hopefully you use it for more than that and enjoy interacting with folks in your industry.


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