What to expect from Apple in 2012, iPhone 5, iPad 3, MacBook Pro

According to a report from iLounge that one of there very reliable source has provided them with some great news, the next Generation Apple devices coming to market next year. The report include information on iPhone 5, iPad 3 and MacBook Pro. All of the three device are going to have body changes.

iPad 3

Normally you think that the next devices are going to be thinner but its the opposite. The next Generation of iPad the iPad 3 will be a bit thicker then the old iPad. The reason behind the iPad thickness is, According to Jeremy Horwitz,
iPad will become modestly thicker (0.7mm), in order to accommodate the twin light bar system needed for its higher-resolution display.
About the release of iPad 3, it will be released some time in march next year, but it will be revealed some time in January next year.

iPhone 5

We have heard and seen iPhone 5 prototypes in past before the release of iPhone 4S, but according to the new report iPhone 5 will not look like any of those shapes. it will not be the teardrop shape that was rumoured in the past before the release of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 release date set as summer 2012 will have a 4 inch display and will be 8mm longer then the old iPhone. the new iPhone is expected to have a metal casing (most probability Aluminium). The device is still in the engineering phase. The main thing to expect from the iPhone 5 is that hopefully, it will not have the battery drain problem.

MacBook Pro

According to iLounge report the next MacBook Pro will be thinner then the old ones. It will be a new design so think thinner.

That’s all we have on Apple right now so be patient we will let you know as we hear anything new from Apple.


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