IS YOUR iPHONE SUPPORT DUAL SIM:- iPhones with dual-SIM capability,Vooma Peel PG92

The Vooma’s Peel PG92 is the new dual-SIM case coming for iPhones. The case comes with the backup battery for iPhone, and an unlocked SIM slot, one of the nicest looking case. The case has yet to be released. All you have to do is download Vooma’s customized app to your jailbroken iPhone 4 or 4S, strap on the Peel PG92, and insert your spare SIM card into the case (judging from the photos, it appears that the device is tailored for mini-SIM cards, rather than micro-SIM). Once that’s taken care of, you’ll be able to place calls via the app and external SIM, using a dialler interface that’s only slightly different from the Apple dialler. Vooma has not said anything about the availability or the price of the case.
Important Note: The app for Vomma’s case work only on jailbroken iPhones


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